USS Andraste crew members lead the survivor lap for the Relay for Life


On May 6, 2017, crew members of the USS Andraste led the survivor lap for the Relay for Life of Deerfield Beach, FL.
Relay for Life ( is the primary community fundraiser for the American Cancer Society (
and despite what the name might seem to imply, isn't really a race.


It's an event with a lot of walking going on, yes, but also other activities to celebrate cancer survivors, remember
those who've fought cancer, and fight back against a disease that has taken too much. Andraste crew member
Sherry Reardon, who is herself a cancer survivor, had suggested inviting the Delta Fleet to lead the lap to the
Relay organizers, because Star Trek represents hope, and the survivors would be looking ahead to a hopeful future.


The organizers were enthusiastic about the idea; during the ceremony, the Survivor chairperson used her suggested
intro almost verbatim:

"Leading our survivors as they walk this lap are members of the Delta Fleet, a Star Trek fan group.
Star Trek represents a hopeful future, one where cancer has been cured, along with most other terrible diseases.
We look forward to seeing the day when that is not just science fiction, but science fact. Meanwhile, we wish our
survivors and everyone else here to Live Long and Prosper!"